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When you buy from a new website, do any of these cross your mind?

  • Do they offer a safe way to pay?
  • Who else uses this website?
  • Will they run away with my money?
  • If I signup to their email list, will I have to later deal with spam?

These are the basic things that your potential customers wonder about you. It’s basic human psychology. And on any kind of feeling of discomfort with your website, your new visitors will slip away, never to return. You need to start realizing that even while your intentions as a seller may be honorable, your nearest direct or indirect competitor is a simple back-button or Google search away. It’s time to start saving your sales!

BuyerShield boosts your conversion rates and saves your sales with it's professionally designed and tested certified seals, ranging from Privacy to Product verification.

Being certified by BuyerShield means more sales!

- The top key requirements your buyers need to buy from you:

  1. They want to feel trust in your website
  2. Feel confident they can safely buy from it
  3. Know your business will do right by them
  4. Know they will get what they bought!

BuyerShield addresses these four core issues with it’s proven certified seals. A customer that can verify you mean business, is a customer that buys from you now, and later.

With a certified BuyerShield seal prominently displayed on your website, buyers are assured of your quality and will be able to click and verify your integrity with complete ease. Your visitors will feel safe enough to take out their credit card and complete a transaction on your website, or perform any kind of action you choose, boosting your conversion rates and revenue.

Check out our psychologically-tested, conversion-boosting seals today.